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The Best Indonesian Food to Try in Amsterdam

Indonesian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. And in multicultural Amsterdam, you can find some seriously authentic and mouthwatering Indonesian food. From aromatic curries and noodles to satay skewers and sweet treats, Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam offer diverse flavors you have to try. Here’s your guide to the best Indonesian food spots and dishes to sample when visiting this Dutch city.

Top Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam

While Indonesian fare can be found across Amsterdam, here are some favorite spots known for serving up excellent authentic cuisine:

Blue Peppers

Blue Peppers is a beloved Indonesian institution in the city. This casual restaurant in the De Pijp neighborhood has an extensive menu of over 100 classic dishes from Java, Sumatra, and other Indonesian regions. Standouts include their fragrant beef rendang, shrimp satay, and gado gado salad with peanut sauce dressing.

Warung Spang Makandra

For homestyle Javanese cuisine, check out Warung Spang Makandra, an Indonesian family-run spot. Highlights include their nasi campur mixed rice dishes, beef rendang, fried noodles, and fresh lumpia rolls. The cozy ambiance makes you feel like you’re dining in Indonesia.


Kampung is an airy, modern Indonesian eatery near the popular Foodhallen food court. Their menu focuses on street food-style bites like bao sandwiches filled with rendang or sticky satay chicken. Or try the tasty Indo tapas platters to sample a variety of dishes.

Tempo Doeloe

Tempo Doeloe, located in Amsterdam’s bustling Nieuwmarkt neighborhood, is known for exceptional rijsttafel. This is a celebratory dish where small portions of many different Indonesian foods are beautifully presented on a large platter. It’s meant for sharing and gives you a delicious sampling of flavors.


For high-end Indonesian cuisine, make a reservation at Indrapura. The artsy interior provides a posh setting for elevated dishes like roasted duck cured in spices and chile crab. The 8-course rijsttafel experience is a highlight.

Must-Try Indonesian Foods and Dishes in Amsterdam

Here is a breakdown of some of the best Indonesian meals, snacks, and ingredients to sample during your time in Amsterdam.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng is Indonesia’s take on fried rice. It’s made with flavored rice, shrimp, chicken or beef, garlic, chilis, and kecap manis sweet soy sauce all fried together. Topped with a fried egg, cucumber, and prawn crackers, it’s delicious and filling comfort food.

Sate (Satay)

You can’t visit Amsterdam without trying sate, also known as satay. These grilled meat skewers come with a sweet and nutty peanut dipping sauce. Chicken and beef satays are most common, but you can also find ones made with pork, shrimp, and fish.

Gado Gado

For a light bite, order gado gado, an Indonesian salad composed of blanched vegetables like string beans, potatoes, and spinach. It’s doused in a creamy peanut dressing and topped with fried shallots and prawn crackers.


Rijsttafel directly translates to “rice table” and is a celebratory spread of small dishes served over rice. An elaborate rijsttafel can have up to 40 different sweet and savory delicacies. It’s perfect for sampling the diversity of Indonesian fare in one fell swoop.

Siomay and Lumpia

Two popular Indonesian street foods are siomay, steamed fish dumplings, and lumpia, crisp spring rolls. Appetizer sampler plates will often have both so you can enjoy these flavorful finger foods. Dip them in sauces like kecap manis or chili sauce.

Beef Rendang

You can’t leave Amsterdam without trying rich, melt-in-your-mouth beef rendang. This Sumatran dry curry dish simmers beef in a complex paste of spices like chilies, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, shallots, garlic, and coconut milk. The flavors all meld together beautifully.


Bakso are Indonesian meatballs that are served in soups or on their own with noodles. The bouncy beef, chicken, or pork bakso are simmered in broth along with noodles, greens, and tofu. Slurp them right from the bowl or skewer them to eat by hand.


Sambal chili sauce is served alongside many dishes in Indonesian cuisine. Made from chilies, vinegar, shallots, tomato, salt, and palm sugar, it packs serious heat. There are many regional variations to try from mild and sweet to extra fiery. A meal isn’t complete without sambal.


These addictive prawn crackers are a popular crunchy snack or garnish. Krupuk, sometimes called kerupuk, are deep fried crackers made from tapioca starch and prawns that puff up light and crispy. Eat them on their own or crumble them on top of dishes for texture.


Indonesian desserts and sweets utilize tropical ingredients like coconut milk, palm sugar, and pandan leaves. Try traditional treats like dadar gulung coconut pancakes, kolak fruit in coconut milk, and kue lapis layered cake. Also sample modern hybrids like rich Indonesian chocolate truffles.

Sample the Flavors of Indonesia in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s diverse food scene means you can globetrot your tastebuds without ever leaving the city. When you’re craving those complex sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, head to an Indonesian restaurant and lose yourself in the exquisite cuisine. From casual eateries to fine dining establishments, you’ll find incredible rendang, satay, noodles, curries, and more that will transport your senses straight to Southeast Asia.

The best Indonesian food Amsterdam has to offer provides an amazing culinary experience you won’t find anywhere else. So on your next visit to Amsterdam, leave room for an unforgettable and mouthwatering Indonesian feast. You won’t regret sampling the incredible flavors of Indonesia right in the heart of Amsterdam.

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