Foodie Heaven: The Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Dutch cuisine is known for its simple and hearty dishes, often made with ingredients like potatoes, cheese, and meats like bacon and sausage (but for Vegans there is also a lot of great food out there… check out our post about the Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam) . Amsterdam, as a cosmopolitan city, has a wide variety of cuisines from different parts of the world. Here are the top 6 restaurants in Amsterdam, in no particular order:

  1. De Kas: Located in a greenhouse, De Kas grows many of their own herbs and vegetables which they use in their modern Dutch cuisine. The menu changes daily depending on what’s fresh and in season.
  2. BAK: BAK focuses on sustainable, organic food and serves a mix of traditional Dutch dishes and modern, international cuisine. They also have a bakery where they make their own bread and pastries.
  3. De Silveren Spiegel: This restaurant is located in a beautiful, historic building and serves traditional, French-inspired Dutch cuisine. The interior is elegant and sophisticated, making it a great choice for a special occasion.
  4. Happyhappyjoyjoy: This Asian fusion restaurant serves a mix of dishes from different parts of Asia, including Japan, China, and Thailand. The colorful, lively atmosphere makes it a fun place to go with friends.
  5. Rijks: Located in the Rijksmuseum, Rijks serves modern Dutch cuisine with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients. The restaurant has a beautiful interior, with high ceilings and large windows that let in plenty of natural light.
  6. De Belhamel: Located in a beautiful canal house, De Belhamel serves modern, French-inspired cuisine. The restaurant has a romantic, intimate atmosphere, making it a great choice for a date night.

As you can see, Amsterdam has a wide variety of restaurants that offer a mix of traditional Dutch cuisine and international dishes. Whether you’re looking for hearty, traditional fare or something more exotic, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes in Amsterdam.

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