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INFOINTRAVEL TERMS OF SERVICE 1. These Terms define the rules constituting legal grounds for using the Website. The provisions of these Terms together with the law in force in the Republic of Poland exclusively determine the rights and obligations of the Website Users, and also the rights and duties of legal entities entitled to conduct and manage the services rendered through the Website. 2. A User may become any person of legal age entering the Website, who provided InfoInTravel with his or her filled registration form and accepted these Terms, and who is entitled to use all possibilities offered by the Website. A User may also be a minor whose parents or legal guardians explicitly approve his or her participation. 3. A Profile is the collection of information, data and other elements presenting the particular User and provided by him or her. 4. The User is obliged to use the Website in the manner not infringing the law, rights of third parties, rules of social coexistence and provisions of these Terms. 5. The User is obliged to refrain from any actions which might impede or interfere the Website functionality, and from using the Website in a manner troublesome for other users. 6. A pre-condition of posting information, videos, photographs, reports, comments, external links and advices in the Website is the successful filling of the registration form in order to set up the User Profile, and the acceptance of these Terms, which contain the copyright assurance and the permit to use the uploaded material. 7. By filling the registration form the User declares that he or she has read these Terms and undertakes to obey its provisions. 8. Apart from commonly available materials not limited by rights restricting their use, the User assures that he or she has unlimited copyrights to the Materials published by him or her on the Website, or that he or she is entitled to use the Materials (license) including explicit license for the on-line presentation. 9. The User declares also that he or she has obtained the permission of other persons to publish on line Materials depicting or relating to those persons. 10. The User approves the fact that he or she is not entitled to any remuneration for presenting the Materials. 11. Detailed restrictions: a) InfoInTravel Website is entitled to determine technical and substantial conditions of presenting Materials. b) It is forbidden to post statements, videos, photographs, comments which: • are advertisements or promote one's own or other parties' businesses; • include content considered as SPAM, are not thematically related to the Website or a Website part, and constitute a content similar to advertisements or announcements; • constitute an act of distributing of pornographic contents; • violate Polish or international law, decency, moral standards, offend public morality or infringe personal goods of other persons or entities, supporting radical social attitudes or expressing discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual or religious grounds; • are not thematically related to the Website; • make it impossible or significantly difficult to use the Website by other users. c) Users' nicks (logins) emblems (avatars) or signatures (placed below the contents) must not be of commercial nature; those being advertisements or related to business are forbidden and shall be removed. 12. User's responsibilities: Should any third party submit whatever claim against InfoInTravel or its legal owners due to violation of law (including copyrights, trademark rights, fair competition regulations, rules of social coexistence), personal goods (including the rights to one's image) resulting from publishing by a User of his Materials in the Website, this User shall on his or her own cost and risk undertake all legal actions to ensure proper protection of InfoInTravel against such claims. In particular he or she undertakes to act as a defendant instead of InfoInTravel, or, should this be impossible, to join InfoInTravel in all proceedings against InfoInTravel concerning the violation of law or third party rights by the User. The User undertakes also to free InfoInTravel or its legal owners from responsibility according to Art. 392 of Civil Code, and to cover all costs which InfoInTravel has or will have to cover or will have to pay to the third party in relation to the claim or lawsuit for violation of copyright, personal goods, related rights or trademark rights and any other rights claimed by this third party with respect to violating of its rights. 13. InfoInTravel is not responsible for factual value and contents of the Materials including blog and forum entries, commentaries and photographs posted by the Website Users and links they have added. InfoInTravel reserves the right to block access to certain materials and to remove them, also without giving reasons or informing the Users, in particular when the contents or nature of such entry is illegal, vulgar, indecent or contravening rules of social coexistence, violating the law e.g. by inciting to or showing violence, racial, religious or ethnic hatred, supporting fascism, nazism or other forbidden content. Access can also be blocked when: a) The User gave false identification data or if the data have not been updated; b) The User has used a software making it difficult or impossible for other Users to use the Website or InfoInTravel; c) The topic of the entries and posted materials is irrelevant or numerously represented. 14. InfoInTravel is not responsible for placed on the Website information and materials related to products and services such as: descriptions of products and services, information on their availability, prices and usefulness, comparisons to other products and services. All materials which are not explicitly marked as advertisement, are made available solely in informational purpose and must not express support for any particular product or any particular producer or supplier. 15. InfoInTravel without obtaining any additional consents or permits is entitled: a) to make public use of Users' materials without time limits in a way allowing other web (Internet) users access at a time and place of their discretion; b) to reduce or enlarge photographs; to edit and shorten texts in order to adjust them to the needs of the service; c) to enable other Users to use materials made available through the Website; d) to amend these Terms at any time, quoting the date of last amendment and providing the Users the right to refuse by enabling the demand to remove the User's profile. e) to remove unilaterally (at any time) any of the Website functions, to cease to conduct the Website or to provide any of its service, to transfer the rights to the Website, and to undertake any lawful action related to the Website. 16. InfoInTravel reserves that used in the Website - layout and composition of pages, - navigation, - graphical elements, - interactive applications, - photographs, texts, audio and video materials which are not a separate property of the Users, are the property of InfoInTravel and are legally protected. 17. InfoInTravel is obliged to remove User's Profile on his or her demand. 18. The User gives InfoInTravel his or her consent to collect, process and use his or her personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997 (Journal of Acts of 2002, No. 101, item 926) and acknowledges the awareness of the right to access and correct the data related to him or her. The rights of InfoInTravel include also the rights to process personal data for marketing, administrative and statistical purposes. 19. Final provisions: a) All cases not regulated by these Terms are subject to the Polish law in force, esp. the act on electronically rendered services. b) Please, direct all comments, claims and questions related to web Website to c) The Terms come into force at the date of publishing them on the Website.